About Us

More and more people are suffering with eye problems due to our changing atmosphere and lifestyle. As eyes are one of the sensitive parts of our body, everybody is concerned to keep them healthy. We are trying to help people to ensure the health of their eyes at Dr. Harpreet Eye Care Centre. In order to serve our patients with the best eye treatments, we have equipped our lab with advanced technologies and expert professionals.
Dr. Harpreet Singh is a highly qualified eye surgeon, who has received his education from India’s best medical college – AIIMs, New Delhi. He has received rigorous training in Ophthalmology and doing high quality work at Dr. Harpreet Eye Care Centre, Ludhiana, which is a state of art eye hospital with all modern facilities. He is also attached to Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana, where he works as a Senior Consultant.
At Dr. Harpreet Eye Care Centre, we offer extensive eye treatment and care services including retina checkup, Cataract surgery with Phacoemulsification, OCT Scan, Green LASER, Injection Avastin for Diabetes, Glaucoma evaluation and treatment, LASIK to get rid of glasses, Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, computerized eye testing, optical shop and contact lens services, Non-Contact and Applanation Tonometry, lazy eye treatment, Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening and treatment. Our years of experience have helped us to gain the proficiency in all of these treatment services to brighten up the patient’s life by caring for their eyes.


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